Back In Action!

As readers may have noticed, there’s been an enormous pause at this blog–it was even down for a week or so. Lots has happened to make this the case, including sickness (myself and my son), traveling to India (where I’ve been since the start of January and will be for another week), and worrying about how to get some work done on the dissertation over here. So–now since many of the problems have been solved, I’m ready to jump back into the action. Manyul Im has recently begun a Chinese Philosophy blog, at, where there are some interesting things going on.

Meanwhile, I’m busy making a bit of a change at Unpolished Jade. I’ll be collapsing my general website into this page (consolidation gives birth to organization!), and in following with this, I’ll also be bringing my various blogging concerns together. So, while this blog will still be filled with Chinese philosophy, now you’ll also see more broad topics here (most likely some history, contemporary politics, globalization, foreign relations, etc.). And also I’ll sometimes post a bit on books that might be of interest to those with interest in things Asian (in general). Still, the words of the sages are always the priority here!

4 responses to “Back In Action!

  1. Good to see you back in business. Enjoy India!

  2. Alexus, good to hear everything’s alright. You are probably enjoying some good Indian cuisine too… I’m jealous!

  3. Thanks! I’ll soon, however, be back in the land of cold, barren trees, and dreariness (but way better coffee!).

  4. Hi!

    Is this a right place to ask you a question? If not, just disregard the following:

    Trying to translate 卞和携玉 i stumbled to a story from the Spring and Autumn Period, about some unpolished jade offering or whatnot. Are you familiar with such a story?

    Thanks a lot.

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