Listening to the Past

I love things like this–announced by many news sources today, here is the first audio recording in human history, from 1860, of a person singing “Au Clair de la Lune”.  With the constant focus on the future in our society, it is refreshing to take a moment to look into (and listen to) our past.  I just wish we did it more often.  Confucius would approve.

here’s the story..

2 responses to “Listening to the Past

  1. Ah, but did you add your own distinctiveness (yi) to the song while singing yourself and bringing the old to the new? Remember, you’re not a vessel.


  2. Hey–my laptop is new enough, right? I listened to the old through the new (an MP3 file on my laptop). Isn’t that enough? Damn Confucius and his demandingness…

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