Cross-Cultural Art and Confucianism

This is from an interesting exhibition by a Chinese artist discussed on a post on Frog in A Well.  The artist was trained in Germany, and her pieces are comparative, with the German conception of something in blue on the left hand side, the Chinese conception on the right.  A few of the pieces struck me as illustrating important points to keep in mind about Confucianism–like the above, which represents the two cultures’ notions of social connectivity.

Check out the post, over at Frog in A Well.  My favorites are the ones on “sense of the self” and “authority/the boss”.  

One response to “Cross-Cultural Art and Confucianism

  1. Very cool. I laughed at the queue one — I remember having that experience at a train station in Beijing. I was thinking “where the hell is the line and what’s this massive crowd doing pushed up against the door?” Then I figured out the crowd was the line.

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