Dissertation Hell!

I’m in it.  

Wow–two months since I’ve posted anything here at UPJ!  That’s just sad.  I’m going to have to get back to neglecting this dissertation and step things up a bit!  Luckily, since I’ve got a bit of material from the dissertation that might not make it into the final work, I may air some of that stuff out here in the days to come, to get your thoughts about this stuff.  Confucius and Aristotle stuff mainly, but a few interesting things concerning the Yangist/Proto-Daoist confrontations in Analects 18 (as I’ve blogged on a little bit before).  Or whatever else I decide to throw out there…

2 responses to “Dissertation Hell!

  1. Courage, Alexus. Courage.

    (What’s the frequency Kenneth?)

  2. Proto-Daoist and Yangist stuff? Now you’re talking my language!

    Where do you keep those posts? I’d love to read them!

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