Monthly Archives: February 2009

Problems With PGR Rankings in Chinese Philosophy?

Check out this discussion on Manyul’s blog for more, on the new Philosophical Gourmet Report’s specialty area rankings in Chinese Philosophy.  As I mention there, I’ve got some problems with this kind of list in our area, and there has been some interesting discussion on the topic (both the issue of ranking programs in Chinese Philosophy in general as well as specifics of why places got ranked as they did).

Fingarette Reading Group

Chris, at A Ku Indeed, is organizing a blog reading group on Herbert Fingarette’s Confucius: The Secular as Sacred, set for the month of March.  This is one of my favorite books on Chinese philosophy, by the way, and one I spend a lot of time and effort (probably too much) defending.  I will be participating in this roundtable, along with four others, and we’ll be posting and commenting on each other’s pages, arguing, pulling hair, gnashing teeth, and other good stuff like that.  See Chris’ announcement for more exact info.  Should be lots of good discussion here, so be sure to check here and at the other blogs in early March, when things get going!

Spoiler alert:  It’s all about 禮, man!