Fingarette Reading Group

Chris, at A Ku Indeed, is organizing a blog reading group on Herbert Fingarette’s Confucius: The Secular as Sacred, set for the month of March.  This is one of my favorite books on Chinese philosophy, by the way, and one I spend a lot of time and effort (probably too much) defending.  I will be participating in this roundtable, along with four others, and we’ll be posting and commenting on each other’s pages, arguing, pulling hair, gnashing teeth, and other good stuff like that.  See Chris’ announcement for more exact info.  Should be lots of good discussion here, so be sure to check here and at the other blogs in early March, when things get going!

Spoiler alert:  It’s all about 禮, man!

One response to “Fingarette Reading Group

  1. Hey! No one told me we were going to be talking about 禮… I never would have signed on if I had got the spoiler info sooner 🙂

    Talk about a shock, I thought the book was about 色。

    Our man Chris, btw, is MIA– you or Manyul may have to step in as Dear Leader if we don’t hear from him.. If I step in, there would be regime change (in the form of 革命)

    Have a good one.

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