On Approaches to Chinese Philosophy

Just posted over at “Warp, Weft, and Way” on approaches to Chinese philosophy and some difficulties in the field.  Check it out!

One response to “On Approaches to Chinese Philosophy

  1. I enjoyed reading–well skimming–your post and the following comments.

    I sort of straddle philosophy and the history of philosophy; sometimes I want to know what they said, and sometimes I want to know if it’s correct (true? warrantedly assertible? the kind of thing others let us get away with?)

    but comparative philosophy, done well, seems to require a number of languages (English, German, French); add in Chinese, a good grasp of basic first-order predicate logic (with some metatheory), and the historical background required. There’s probably more, like a good grasp of political/cultural history, the arts, etc..

    Tricky, unless you start when you’re five or you publish on your deathbed. Some are better at this than others, but having come so late to Chinese I’m confident I’ll never be able to read it well enough to make informed comments.

    Not sure how to solve this, but maybe a cooperative adventure sometime. A cross-cultural reading of Kritik der reinen Vernunft, B422n.?

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