9th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought–Next Week

So the MCCT is finally upon us–it will be happening next week, May 10 and 11, here at the University of Dayton and up the street in Fairborn at Wright State University.  Following is a rough schedule of events and speakers.

9th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought

University of Dayton/Wright State University

May 10-11, 2013



Regular Session- University of Dayton

9:00a-10:45a: Daoism (chair: Alexus McLeod, University of Dayton)

David Chai, University of Toronto: “Xuan and Meontological Soteriology in the Thought of Ge Hong”

Stephen Walker, University of Chicago: “Why is Dao Concealed?”

Brian Hoffert, North Central College: “Devolutionary Presence: Relearning Our Ability to Live in the Present”

11:00a-12:45p: Philosophical Arguments in Confucianism (chair: Judson Murray, Wright State University)

Michael Harrington, Duquesne University: “Confucians and the Slippery Slope Argument”

Cheryl Cottine, Indiana University: “Obedient Wives: Virtue or Vice?”

Kelly Epley, University of Oklahoma: “Caring and the Li

2:00-3:45p: Moral Development and Failure (chair: Alexus McLeod, University of Dayton)

Judson Murray, Wright State University: “The Water Mirror or Polished Jade: Debates on Moral Virtuosity and Human Excellence in Han China”

Michael Ing, Indiana University: “The People Have Fallen in a Filthy Ditch: Moral Stain and Compromise in Early Confucianism”

Jingyi Zhao, Cambridge University: “The Role of Shame in Moral Education in the Writings of Aristotle and Xunzi”

5:00-6:45p Keynote Address- Wright State University Nutter Center

Peng Guoxiang, Peking University: “Dialogical Confucianism as a Religious Tradition and Its Contribution in Globalization”

7:15-9:00p: Dinner



Regular Session-University of Dayton

9:00a-10:45a:  Reading Mencius and Classical Texts (chair: Brian Hoffert, North Central College)

Thorian Harris, University of Hawaii: “The Hermeneutics of Pragmatic Language in Early Confucian Literature”

Joseph Harroff, University of Hawaii: “Reinterpreting the Mencian Doctrine of the ‘Goodness of Human Nature’ in Light of the Guodian Bamboo Slips”

Paul D’Ambrosio, Merrimack College/East China Normal University: “Lying in the Mengzi: Why Falsity is Never an Appropriate Means for a Moral End”

11:00p-12:45p:  Modern Issues in Chinese Thought (chair: Michael Ing, Indiana University)

Timothy Huson, Saint Louis University: “Lin Yutang and the Cross-Cultural Translation of Chinese Values”

Elisabeth Forster, Oxford University: “A Worldview for an Academic Programme: Evolutionist Theory in the New Tide and the National Heritage Magazines in 1919”

Manyul Im, Fairfield University and A. Minh Nguyen, Eastern Kentucky University : “The Dao of Teaching Chinese Philosophy: Lessons from a Survey”

2:00p-3:45p: Encounters With the West (chair: Aaron Stalnaker, Indiana University)

Kevin Tsai, Indiana University: “’Sacrificial Crisis’ in Girard, China, and Greece”

Charles Jones, Catholic University of America:  “Creation and Causality in Chinese-Jesuit Polemical Literature”

Zhao Qi, Saint Louis University: “Relation-Centered Ethics in Confucius and Aquinas”

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