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An Alternative Reading of Copan Stela A, and Tianxia (天下)

There are many interesting unanswered questions about rulership in Ancient Maya thought, and I have come to appreciate the necessity of getting down-and-dirty with archaeology and epigraphy to better understand the philosophy of the Maya of the Classic period (as well as adjacent periods).  Recently I’ve been thinking in particular about Copan, and the idea of rulership as constructed by important figures there.

The glyphs on the right side of one of the famous stelae erected by the ruler Waxaklajun U’baah Kawil of the city of Xukpi (now known as Copan, in modern day Honduras) tell us some interesting facts about Classic period Maya political organization, or at least the conception of it at work in Copan.  But what exactly do they tell us? Continue reading